Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flesher Family Marathon Christmas

We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Matt and I were very blessed this Christmas to see all of our family.....we are so glad that Christmas is a season and we could celebrate with all of our loved ones. Matt and I are so thankful for the gift of Christ and it was so special to spend our 1st Christmas reading the Christmas story together and sharing stockings with each will be a lasting memory and hopefully a tradition we can continue. Here are a bunch of pictures from our different Christmas family get togethers. Matt's extended family Christmas. His uncles and cousins are on the ends and then his mom is in green. Scott and Shannon (Matt's bro) were in town the day before....there are pics of them below.

Scott, Shannon, Matt and I had a blast putting together a puzzle all afternoon after opening presents. I had no idea I had to FINISH a puzzle before getting up....yall I sat there for 2-3 hours working on that thing with not many breaks.....great memories made. Just FYI Matt needs a lot of breaks during puzzling.....don't know if that is a word.

Matt standing by the presents before we opened them. There was not a tree at his Mom's house this year since there was not anyone at her house on Christmas we put the presents around the chair:)

Umm....ok you are thinking what in the world is that!!! Well Scott thought it would be yummy to bring a Emu egg from Austin to include in our Christmas brunch.......umm it was the biggest yolk I have EVER seen and I was scared to eat it. It looked to big and like it had a chick inside so I was grossed out. The boys enjoyed the egg and said that it did not taste any different.

Here is me in Midland helping my Aunt Nancy and my Mom to make Chirstmas dinner. Nana said that she was training me to make Chirstmas dinner someday.

Matt and I on Christmas day right before opening presents in Midland.

Family photo in Midland. My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mark are in the back with cousins Scott and Bryan. My Nana and Pappy are on the far left and that is my Mom right next to me.

More seemed like it took all day to make the meal.

Here is pics from Christmas at my Mom's house before we left for Midland. My sister and baby Gray came in to town the weekend before Chirstmas so that we could celebrate with them as well. Baby Gray is growing so fast and is the cutest thing. She is now laughing and smiling so she is so much fun. Aunt "Jo" is my name.... and Uncle Matt wants to keep her he loves her so much.....I told him we can get our own someday. is me with my most favorite gift....a Kitchen Aid mixer!!! I was so excited and surprised. I am on my way to becoming the next Paula Deen yall!

Here is Nana with sweet Gray.......I just love the face she is making.

Here are two pictures of Chirstmas at my Dad and B's. We spent some time with them before we went to Midland. Matt and I love Christmas stockings with my is really neat. My Dad & B love creating oversized stockings that are filled with EVERYTHING you can imagine. Matt and I spent about 20 mins. digging through all of the goodies.
Matt and I with "B"

Matt and I with my Dad.

.....and that is the end of our marathon Christmas!

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coneandmo said...

The puzzling made me laugh and think of Sandy.... at Paint Yer Pottery... I think she'd be out on that. Glad you all had so much fun!