Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving in Houston!

Ahh.....our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. Matt and I are so thankful for so many things and family is definitely one of them. We enjoy married life so much and we are having a ball. We are thankful that we still have grandparents that are living and that we can enjoy. We are thankful for the relationship that we share with each other and with our Lord. We traveled to Houston this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving. We stayed at my aunt Diana and Joe's house and it was wonderful. Everyone was there and it was a lot of fun. I think Matt thought he was in heaven......he got to watch the Cowboy's play on a "65 inch DLP big screen TV. He did not take his eyes off the screen as the Cowboys celebrated another victory this year!! I think Matt would like to live with the TV but I told him he had to come home:)

Mom and I on Thanksgiving day......she brought her homemade rolls which were so yummy!

Look at this sweet helper helping to light all the candles in the house....I must
say he did a fine job and Aunt Diana gave him an A++

Look at this precious....I love my baby Gray so much! I think I could kiss her little cheeks all day. She is growing so fast and is getting cuter by the day. Matt and I have fun playing with her and then returning her to her Mommy:) I think it is such a precious gift when your sister has a you don't think you can love a little person that much.

Look at that The Flesher's:) I still like saying it. I am so thankful for my husband and the way he loves me. He makes life so fun! He was such a big help to have around on Thanksgiving.....I know he is going to be a great help someday when it is my job to make Thanksgiving for the family.


thecobbsfamily said...

Welcome to the world of blogging:) I love ALL your pictures and I love seeing the two of you as ONE ~ The Fleshers.

The Embry's said...

Yay Lindsey you have a blog now! I love it! :) It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see your honeymoon & wedding pics! Love you girl!

coneandmo said...

Yipppeee! I'm so excited to keep up with you, now that our lives are so much busier. Love you!

Theodora said...

Good post.