Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the stockings were hung by the chimmney with care.....

Well I am finally done decorating for Christmas! I would like to say that "its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" at our house but Matt refers to the house as it looks like it threw up Christmas....I love Christmas and this time of the year is so much fun for me. I am sure Matt is tired of dragging boxes out of the garage and hanging lights and such....and just as soon as you get it all up it will be time to take it all down.

Tada! That is what this Santa looks like he is saying:)
The mantle and stocking are my favorite part to decorate. This year I got one more new stocking. I just need one more for Matt....he still has the felt stocking and the rest of the stockings are for Molly, Rugar and myself. I just have not found the perfect one for Matt yet but I hope to soon.

Look at these two little love birds....just kidding...when they are not fighting over food or our attention they can be quite precious! Molly has always been good at looking at the camera and staying still while I take a picture....Rugar on the other hand kept getting up and looking away from me. After many attempts this one was the best. I think it looks like Rugar is giving Molly a little Chirstmas kiss.

Our tree...I finally started wrapping presents today so that the tree did not look so bare underneath. I have only 4 more presents left to buy this year and then I am DONE!!! I am so excited. This year has been so nonstressful because I started Christmas shopping in July. After last year, when the shopping almost killed me I swore that I would never do that again. After a trial run of shopping early and taking the stress out of finding gifts it has been such a nice month. I suggest this to all if you have not done it before.

Uppercase living fun! I ordered a "Merry Christmas" sticker for the door and it looks so cute. They are so easy to apply and to take down. I am having so much fun with their stuff. If you are interested in buying some of their fun items contact Michele Cone she is now selling Uppercase Living!!

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