Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving at Nana & Pappy's

After we had Thanksgiving in Dallas we drove to Houston to spend time with my side of the family. It was exciting because for the first time in a few years EVERYONE in the family was together for the holiday. I usually see everyone throughout the year but at different times and this year everyone was in the same room. It was really special and we took a family picture. Here are just a few pictures from our weekend in Houston.

Baby Gray getting so big. She is running and talking. She can say please, cheese, bye-bye, Momma, DaDa, Nana and a few other things. It is always so fun to see her.
This was so funny....Gray had already had some dessert and was just walking around the room and she found Pappy and his sweet dessert. It took her about 1 second to want a bite and then she did not stop. Pappy was so sweet to share his dessert and we thought it was simply precious. She stood right by his legs for a few minutes and downed his dessert.

I love this picture!

Here are the guys....again watching football. And of course there is baby Gray in the picture all grins....she thought that I was taking a picture of her. She is too funny and almost all grins ALL the time.

The whole family!! From left to right : Top row- Matt, Lindsey, Christy (my sister) Gray, Todd, Uncle Joe (My moms brother), Aunt Dianna, Scott (cousin), Aunt Nancy (my moms sister), Uncle Mark. Bottom row: Pappy, Nana, Bryan (cousin), Todd (my brother), and my mom Susan:) I love this picture and it will make lasting memories for all of us.

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Jeff and Steph said...

I love that picture of baby Gray thinking that you were taking the picture of her! Cute!