Monday, December 1, 2008

Yard of the Month......we hope!!

Well after 2 nights and 1 day of hard work we are finished with our yard. Matt and I recieved an email from our HOA before Thanksgiving that it in a few weeks it is time for the annual Heights Park Christmas lights contest. Well Matt and I heard contest and we went running to the garage to drag out all of the Christmas lights and yard art. After 2 trips to Walmart, 3 trips to Hobby Lobby and 1 trip to Lowe's we are done and pleased with the results. The contest is on Dec. 8th and the judges are going to go caroling around the neighborhood and end at a neighbors for hot chocolate. As many of you know Matt and I won the grand prize at our aparment porch decorating contest last year and won $200. This year our goal is the big sign that reads "yard of the month"!!! Happy decorating to is a picture drive by of our house.

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The Wells Family said...

How fun! You guys crack me up. Leland and I are too lazy to put any lights out. We're just doing good that our Christmas tree is displayed in the front window! ha! I hope y'all win!

Jeff and Steph said...

It looks perfect! I love the first picture! Good luck! ~S

Anne and Andy said...

Crossing my fingers for you for yard of the month. It looks GREAT! :)

Anonymous said...

yard looks great guys....Matt, you have some mad exterior illuminating skills!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nah, if our houses were in teh same neighborhood, y'all would kick our butts!!!!! Let us know who won