Friday, January 2, 2009

Master bathroom finished!!

Before the redo....I HATE WALLPAPPER!! I will never put it up in a house because it is so hard to take down. Under the wallpaper was this lovely color of mint green:) with a yucky layer of sticky glue:(
Good-bye yucky bathroom nice knowing ya!

Hello new bathroom!

This is a much nicer place to get ready in the morning:) My thanks go to Matt for all of his hard work. We finished this minor overhaul in just 3 days.

Matt and I spent some time during our Christmas time off working on our master bathroom. Our house seems to be under constant change which is a good thing. I have been staring at ugly wallpaper and fixtures for 6 months now when getting ready in the morning and now I have something prettier to look at. Matt and I have so much fun working on little projects like this. Today we had a contractor come out and take a look at our built on room in the back of the house. It you have been to our house and seen it it is a sight for sure....we are looking forward to starting the overhaul of that room sometime in Feb/March. Fun times at the Flesher house.

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Anonymous said...

bathroom looks great...what is y'alls going rate these days????


Corrie said...

Looks great and I'm impressed with you guys getting it done in 3 days! I hate wallpaper, too. When we took it off of one of our bathrooms I found this written on the paper backing for the drywall underneath: "Please do not use bathtub for a toilet." Ewww....

Anne and Andy said...

Wow! I love all of your makeovers! It looks awesome!