Monday, January 19, 2009

senseless TV but I am hooked!!

ok. ok. So I need help....every Monday night I speed (don't tell the cops) home from Jazzercise so I can make it home for the Bachelor. You would think after 13 or so seasons of this show I would be done....but the lure continues. I don't watch much TV at all expect maybe a little on the weekend..... so why does this dumb show with DUMB women and shallow men have me so glued....I have yet a clue. I think this seasons Jason is a nice guy and I am sure he will find the love of his life....I mean "week" but until then I will be watching and making fun of every episode. Ok...well it is straight up 7:00 and its Monday night so you know what that means...I gotta go!! Happy watching for all you fellow bachelor fans:)
p.s. If you like reading Lincee's recaps from the Bachelor you can find them here - they leave me laughing each week!

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The Wells Family said...

Don't feel bad Lindsey, I'm hooked on "The City" on Monday nights on MTV. Leland makes fun of me for watching it, but I am addicted-it's the only show I set aside time to watch-and if I miss an episode I watch it online. Don't tell anyone. J/J :)

Anne and Andy said...

Yay - you're hooked too! :) I love it! I've been reading Lincee's recaps for years now - so funny!

Dement 5 said...

i can't help it either!