Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't wait!

A few weeks ago when I had the luxury of being off work for the holidays I took some time out one day to work in the yard. I started my day out with a trip to Lowe's to find some tulip bulbs. My mom used to be a landscape designer when I was young so she had told me if I wanted tulips for the Spring that I had better get them in the ground in late December or early January. When I was at Lowe's they were having a GREAT sale on the remaining tulip bulbs that they had in stock. Bags of tulip bulbs that had regularly been $5.99 a bag were on sale 75% off and were about $1.50 a bag! That made me super excited as my first plan was to just plant a few bags and scatter the blubs in a small area....well with the big sale I was able to buy 8 bags with 12 bulbs in each bag. I was able to plant tulip bulbs all the way across the front flower bed of my house. I planted a total of 96 tulips and I.can't.wait for them to bloom in the Spring. I did leave with a wound from the hand had a bruise in the middle of my palm for about a week. I guess this Spring I will be able to see if it was all worth it:)

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