Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Ginny

Yall my heart is heavy as I got news today that my friend Ginny from my Bible study went to be with the Lord today. I had plans of going to see her tonight at the hospital but learned on the way to dinner that she passed late this afternoon.....yall my heart sank. It is always so sad and can seem so unreal when someone you know and are used to seeing is no longer with us here on Earth. Ginny is about my Moms age and she has 3 kids around my age or a little older. Ginny always hit home with me in Bible study because she has a daughter about my age that is a teacher and Ginny was a single mom and did a wonderful job as a mom, friend and follower of our Lord. I know that Ginny is now walking streets of gold and in a wonderful place. It is just hard to let go of people that you love and that you love being around. We will always hold sweet Bible study memories of her. Ginny suffered twice with cancer and I never saw her say anything negative about her experience. She always wanted to know what was going on with YOU and how YOU were. What a precious person that she was that I know we will miss her dearly. Ginny I know you are in Heaven looking down on us and smiling......we love you girl and we already miss you!

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Dement 5 said...

so sorry for the loss of your friend, lindsey. i'm glad she's in such an awesome place now.

coneandmo said...

Awe, Linds... I'm so sorry to hear that! I know that you are blessed to have had the fun times you had with her. Love you!