Sunday, June 7, 2009

after the surgery (Sunday)

The surgery went great and Matt had a pretty good day yesterday and this morning. He was not that sick from the pain meds and such after surgery so that was good. He had a horrible time with all of that after the first surgery. I spent the night last night at the hospital and I came home this morning to take care of the house and dogs. He has had a good morning already. He is moving VERY slow and is in some pain but he took a shower and put on some clothes:) He will have a PT in today to help him walk and do some exercises. Hopefully if things go good today we can go home tomorrow,....we will have to see. Dr. Banta is not going to make that decision until tomorrow. He said he does not want to send him home too early after the second surgery. He is still pretty weak and walks slow and is not able to do much for himself beside eat:) He still has a drain from the surgery but hopefully that will be able to come out tomorrow. He is able to wiggle the toes on his left foot and move it up some...which is better than before. The doctor said that the surgery would not be a quick fix so it may take some time for his left leg to begin to work properly. We have seen some small improvement so we were excited about that. I will have a nurse that comes to the house and a PT that comes and works with him so that will be good to have some help once I have him home. thanks for the prayers everyone!!

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