Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small set back

Matt is starting to do better and has had to really hard but good days. Today he walked to the nurse station and back with the help of the PT. He said it took him about 20 minutes and it really wiped him out but he did it. He is eating better and the pain meds are not making him as sick anymore. We did get some news today that was not so fun but we are praying that everything will fix on its own. Matthew's left leg is not working the way that it should be...the doctors don't know if it is nerve damage during surgery or if one of the rods in his back is pressing against one of his nerves and causing the problem. They did a CAT scan on him today and it was hard for them to tell b/c of the swelling. They started him on a steroid pack today to see if it helps and some pain meds for nerve pain. Bless his heart he is on so many medicines. If the doc sees later this week that it is a rod they will have to go back in and repair the rod and he will be in the hospital probably until Monday. We are hoping that this does not happen as we are both tired of the hospital...him more than me. I miss having him home...and I can't wait for him to get to come home. Please keep Matt in your prayers that everything heals the way it should.

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The Wells Family said...

Poor Matt! I sure hope they don't have to do surgery again. We will be praying for him daily! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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