Monday, June 22, 2009

Turning in my jazzercise card for a water aerobics card:(

Well I love love going to my jazzercise class each week for fun dancing, exercise and seeing my buddies but with my energy and ability to jump around decreasing I have turned in my jazzercise card for now:( I was looking through the Richardson parks & rec book and found a morning water aerobics class that looked to be perfect for getting some safe but good exercise. I went today for my 1st class and it was a lot of there was not any fun hip hop music to dance to but the people were really nice and the workout felt good. I was walking at night around the neighborhood but it is too stinkin hot outside these days for that anymore. So if you have never tried water aerobics it is really fun and the water sure did feel nice and cool for a workout.

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Anne and Andy said...

Yay! Water aerobics is such a good idea for preggo ladies :) I'm glad you love it!

The Cobbs said...

Are you the first girl pictured kicking in the water? I wish I could do it with you! Looks like fun:)

Robin said...

I didn't know you did Jazzercise. I've been going for years & LOVE IT!!!