Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just trying to stay cool!

So the Texas heat has really set in and with days that inch towards and above 100 degrees a girl has to find a way to stay cool. Oh how I wish that my house had a real pool in the back yard but you find ways to do without. You would think that with my dad being a pool designer and bulider that I would have a beautiful pool in my yard....well all I need is the $30,000 to make it happen right??? Every morning at 7:30am I have been going to water aerobics and I LOVE IT! It is so fun and relaxing and cool that early in the morning. But....after I get home, run around town and then have lunch all I want to do is find some water and dive in! Well I won't be diving in this case.......... So here is the answer to my heat problem:) My own little blow up splash pool...LOL! I love it and it is the perfect size to just sit back in the yard and relax. Even Matt has put his lawn chair in the pool and gotten some rays with me....umm can you say white trash!! Oh well at least we are nice and cool. I got this little pool on sale at Target for like $15 bucks regularly $30 so I thought it was a deal. So if you are jealous and need some cooling off this Summer just call me and I can let you know what the Summer pool hours are at the Flesher house....or I totally understand if you want to visit your local neighborhood pool:)

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The Wells Family said...

I want to come swim! That thing looks awesome. As they would say here in St. Louis, you're a hoosier (aka white trash) but who cares! I may have to go get one myself! LOL

halie said...

Haha--love it! We used to have one not too much bigger than that a couple of summers ago and I would do the same thing!