Monday, July 20, 2009

Picture of baby Flesher

Well here we have a more recognizable picture of baby Flesher. I am 12 weeks 3 days along in my pregnancy. I have not felt sick at all which is a big praise. Matt and I had our appointment today for some prenatal testing so we got an extra sonogram. The sonogram doctor let us watch baby Flesher move around for about 20 minutes which was so fun! She said he/she was really active...jumping around a lot. She tried really hard to get him/her to turn over so that she could let us know the sex but baby Flesher and its profile but he/she was just not cooperating today. That is probably for the best so that I don't go crazy shopping for things. We will just be patient and wait until our 20 week appointment to find out for sure. I know that the sonogram picture is upside down but it is easier to see what you are looking at if I do that. I tried to label the parts that are the easiest to see in the picture. We are so excited and it was so much fun to see our little one so healthy with all of its parts and moving around. We can't hardly wait another 6 months.

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Anne and Andy said...

Ahhh!! Hi Baby Flesher! So glad to hear you are growing big and strong in there! Keep up the good work!!

The Wells Family said...

Soo exciting! I can't believe you're already entering into your 2nd trimester! He/she is cute!

coneandmo said...

That's awesome Linds! I am so happy for you all and excited that Ashlynn has a forever friend! :)