Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend get-away!

Matt and I are excited! We are in need of a weekend get-away and Lake Travis here we come! We are leaving this Thursday and are bound for the Island at Lake Travis (in Austin) to enjoy some good time spent with family. We are meeting Scott and Shannon (Matt's brother and wife) and Christy and Todd (My sister and her husband) for a fun weekend at the lake. We are so excited and we know it will be a blast. Here is a picture of the resort. Matt and the boys will play golf on Saturday and the girls might make a trip to the spa. Of course Matt will just be driving the golf cart because he still can't bend over much less swing a golf club. We are looking forward to fun in the sun, lake and some good pool time. I still need a tan as we are half way through the Summer and I am still white!

I am sure I will have more fun pics of our weekend when we return. Matt goes back to the back doctor tomorrow for another check-up. We are praying that Dr. Banta says it will be ok for him to get in the pool and lake over the weekend. It will be one hot weekend for Matt if Dr. Banta says no:( Matt returned back to work full time and is doing great! He goes to nerve therapy still 3 times per week for his left foot and it seems to slowly be getting better. Thanks for all of your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

have fun!!!! do you want to take the skis...they haven't been on the water in about 2 years